Someone forgot to tell 16 year old Morgan Bernard that she should be a typical high school girl – studying for exams, hanging out with friends and going to school dances.  Instead, Morgan spends her time touring in Europe, writing songs, going to interviews, performing on TV shows, and living the life of a typical rock star! 

 Morgan has always been one who stood out from the crowd.  Her parents, Alain, a world-renown custom motorcycle designer and builder who’s featured on the Discovery TV Show “Café Racer” and Christine were born and raised in France and moved to the Tampa area shortly before Morgan was born.  Alain and Christine realized at an early age that Morgan had a special musical talent.  She started playing piano at age 6, guitar at age 8 and began singing and performing on stage by the age of 10.

Morgan’s stage show is an eclectic blend of straight ahead rock, hook-laden pop rock originals with some fun rockabilly thrown in for good measure.  You can hear her diverse influences from Lady Gaga and AC/DC to Brian Setzer and Elvis in every song she sings. 

Her first CD "Give it All" resulted of a collaboration with world renown guitarist and producer Mike Pachelli in Nashville. 
A 4 title vinyl has just been recorded in the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis with Belgian famous Rockabilly Band: Smooth and the Bully Boys, featuring Morgan's new song: Wait and See, and 3 refreshed oldies.

Michael Holton (22 years old) has been  her partner in crime for 2 years, playing lead guitar and background vocals. They are the heart of the band, and are walking in the same direction.

Morgan and her band continue to play all over the Southeast and are currently booking her third European tour that is scheduled to kick off in late June, 2015.  In the meantime, her days are spent finishing high school (where she’s a straight A student) and her spare time is dedicated to her one true love – music!